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Oct. 19, 2002

Well guys, its been great! (well not exactly "great" but you get the point!)
My last visit to derm was a couple of weeks ago. She gave me a prescription for Diferin gel, just so I wouldn't have any breakouts going cold turkey. I haven't started using it though, I think I'll just wait until my first post-accutane zit arrives. I also still have some of my pills left from when she upped my dosage to 80 mg., and I didn't take them all.

So here's a wrap up of all my experiences:
~ Nosebleeds (not as many as some)
~ Slight hair loss ( which Nioxin completely helped w/)
~ Dry, boogery nose
~ Chapped lips, and crusty corners
~ Slight depression near the end (and yes, depression does run in my family)

The Upside:
~ Beautiful, clear skin
~ Smaller pores
~ All the little pink scars went away
~ Not having to wash your hair more than twice a week during treatment
~ And all the confidence others w/ clear skin have

Now I just want to remind everyone that I'm not a Dr., so just b/c these were my side effects, doesn't mean they'll be yours also. Especially dealing w/ the depression. And make sure your skin isn't sensitive to sunlight!

So the million dollar question: Was it worth it??
I'll put it this way: If I had to take this medicine like a vitamin, every day for the rest of my life, I would!

And last, but definitely not least! All of you!!! Thanks for writing in the guestbook, and sharing your stories. Not only have you helped me, but hopefully it will help others who read this!

November 5, 2003

Yes, I am still alive!  I know everyone is wondering what happened to me...  I was waiting for my skin to start looking horrible so that I could finally write an update in here.  But it never happened.  My skin still looks fantastic!  Don't get me wrong, I get about two itty-bitty zits a month that only last like two days and are almost to small to pop.  I still haven't had to use my differin gel that my dr. prescribed, and actually haven't been to visit my dr. since I've been off accutane.

As for my hair:  it grew back healthy and normal.  I almost miss being on accutane for the fact that I didn't have to wash it every day.

So let me just re-imphasize the fact that if you aren't happy w/ your skin: GET ON THIS STUFF!!!

And I would just like to thank everyone again for emailing me and signing my guestbook.  I hope everything turns out great for you!

I promise I will eventually put a new picture on here of me!


November 11, 2004

Well I finally got off my lazy butt and decided to give you guys an update...  So here it is!!

I am doing great! My skin still looks as great as ever with only a few breakouts during "that time of the month."  Other than that, I finally feel like a grown up with 'adult skin.'

As for my life: I am graduating in December from college. I am also getting married in May to the same guy I was dating when I first made the website. So he loves me with or without my zits!

Good luck with your experience, and make the choice that is right for you!  Make sure to keep me and everyone else updated on your success!

August 4, 2005

I'm back!!  I'm sure you were all very concerned about how my skin looked at my wedding, and I'll have you know that I didn't have a single zit! woo-hoo  I also have more exciting news to share: I'M PREGNANT!  Carson is due in December, 2005 & so far he is perfectly fine.  Which means that accutane doesn't cause our offspring to have a third eye & we had no trouble conceiving...  And if necessary, you may see Carson's webpage in about 15 years about his accutane experience b/c he will be put on it the moment his first pimple arrives. (Hopefully he will have better skin than I) 

Take care & thanks for reading!



Well this picture doesn't do a great job showing how good my skin really looks, but at least you can put a face w/ this journal until I can find a better way of showing my pic.