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Week #4:

July 2, 2002
I know I'm a little late, but I had a doctors appointment today, and thought I should put it with this week.
Well I'm still doing great, I've somehow skipped over the initial breakout (damn the luck!).

A few have popped up, though: one on my forehead (which is very rare), already gone, two on my chin, still lingering, and two on my neck, so gross! My skin is still dry, but is getting better & better, and feels so soft. But the rest of my skin (especially on my hands) is so fragile, my hands look all scraped up and dried out. I also have to remember to moisturize every day or my face is more than happy to remind me by flaking off into millions of peices.

Sorry my week hasn't been too eventful! I went to the derm today and she decided to up my dosage to 60 mg a day: two 20 mg in the morning and one 20 mg at night. I think I will start by taking the extra 20 mg every OTHER night, so my skin can adjust & not freak out too much!

I'm not sure if we're supposed to use Biore' Nose & Face Strips, but I decided to try and find out! It didn't do anything for the blackheads, but did a great job of pulling off the excess flaking. I guess there was so much dry skin to cling to that it couldn't get to the blackheads... I'm still tanning too, and luckily no sunburn!

Well that's about it. I still have all my hair and chapped lips. My back also hurt a little after a weekend of having a garage sale. Maybe a new symptom, heh?
Until next time...

Oh ya, I'm all kinds of psycho about checking the guestbook to see who has been here, so make me feel better & fill it out!