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Week 18, 19, and 20:

Week 18 ( Oct. 7, 2002 )
I went to the derm this week. She thought it might be "fun" to put me on 80 mg my last month, just for one last kick!(haha) I tried it one day and decided there was no way I would put myself through that. As if my nose and lips aren't bad enough, plus I have no breakouts. Maybe I would semi-consider upping the dosage if I still wasn't clear, but I think by the time your in the 18th week you shouldn't have any zits.

So this means I will have a couple of weeks to add to my "sentence" so that I can finish all the pills prescribed.

My next visit is scheduled for Oct. 30th, she told me to show up w/ no makeup so she could see exactly what my skin looks like, and to let me know if I should consider any type of cosmetic procedure. I am maybe thinking like a laser peel or something. I don't have any pitted scars, but my skin isn't completely 'model smooth' either. So we'll see... I thought I was done w/ the bloodwork, but they gave me another form to go get more done before my next appt.

Week 19 (Oct. 14, 2002):
Nothing irregular happened this week, just the same ole' sore nose & dry lips. My skin is still nice and clear! Oh how I love Accutane!
Week 20 (Oct. 22, 2002):
I went an entire day this week w/out a drop of makeup on! Those of you w/ not quite flawless skin, can totally feel me. Not only that, but I could hold conversations w/ complete strangers and not feel a bit insecure. How great is that?!?

Like I said before this stuff is great, if your considering, I truely hope this site has influenced you to give it a try. And if I personally haven't influenced you, check out the guestbook and see everyone elses story. (Man, I feel like a member of Roche marketing dept. or something...)

Well I have my derm appointment next week, so we'll see what happens then!