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Week 15, 16, and 17:

Week 15 ( Sept. 17, 2002)
These entries are becoming so repetitive! Everything is still going great! Not a single breakout this entire week.

It's so strange getting ready in the morning; it takes me half the time now. I used to spend 30 minutes after I got out of the shower picking, popping, and trying to "conceal" all the imperfections on my face. Because they're diminishing it takes me no time at all and alot less makeup too. And the fact that my hair produces NO oil, I still don't have to wash it everyday. So my family and friends are ecstatic about not having to wait hours (literally) on me anymore.

Week 16 ( Sept. 23, 2002)
Well I've been a little depressed this week, so I personally decided to lower my dosage to 40 mg for a while, just until I start feeling a little better. I think it mainly has to do w/ just having to get back into the swing of things w/ school, work, and stuff like that. I don't want to tell my derm though b/c I would hate for her to decide to take me off of it completely.

As for my skin: Still no breakouts!!!
Week 17 ( Sept. 29, 2002)
I am feeling much better this week and I've gradually increased my dosage back to 60 mg.

My nose is killing me though! I can't seem to blow it enough. And they're not like regular boogers (I'm sure your all dying to hear about my 'booger issues) they're all hard to get out and when you get 'em they rip out flesh. I know it sounds disgusting, imagine how I feel... On top of that I had strep throat, and then lost my voice. So I haven't been feeling too good in the health department, but I'm still acne free!

My lips are still extremely dry. I've been using straight carmex lately and it seems to be working great, even better than Aquaphor. And yes, I still have that sh*t at the corners of my mouth, I've just learned to accept it as part of the package for the next month.
Wow! Only a month to go!