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Week 10 through 14:

Week 10 ( August 10, 2002 )

I HATE COMPUTERS! THIS IS THE SECOND TIME I'M HAVING TO TYPE THIS, FOR SOME REASON IT DIDN'T SAVE!! So its probably not going to be as witty (haha) as it was before 'cause I'm all pissed...

I'm stil doing pretty well. I have that weird thing on the side of my mouth and now its spreading to the other corner. I have to be careful when eating and yawning not to open my mouth too wide or it'll break open and start bleeding (not too attractive!)

I finally got some Aquaphor!! I insist EVERYONE purchase this stuff. The only reason I didn't get it before was b/c its hard to find. So when I was at the derm, I asked where I could find it, she told me to look in the hand lotion section (god only knows why they put it there), and low & behold, there it was. It either comes in a tube that resembles something hand lotion comes in, or a tub that kinda looks like face cream. I decided on the tube b/c it fit in my purse better. Its more "cost efficient" to do the tub, but oh well! EVERYONE should get this, no chapstick can even compare to this stuff! It last alot longer and doesn't give you that gross film on your lips that chapstick does.

My doctor kept me on 60 mg for this month also, which I am very thankful for, my body is still adjusting to this dosage (ie. the corner of the mouth funk I've got). I also recieved another nose bleed. I was washing my face and I guess scrubbing my nose a little too hard b/c blood started gushing out the opposite nostril it bled out of last time. Luckily I was already over the sink so it wasn't a big deal.

Other than that, my skin has been doing great, I think I only got one new 'friend' this week other than the one on my mouth.
I could tell I was more irritable this week, but it might have something to do w/ that time of the month and all the stress of moving and getting adjusted.

OH YA: I'm now at my half-way point. Hopefully the next half will be as great as the first half was! Until week 11...

Week 11 ( August 19, 2002 )

No nosebleeds to report of this week. I think I am adapting to my dosage finally! I'm sorry to disappoint (the spelling looks weird, but I did spell check!), but this is another week w/ not too much to report!

I got two zits this week, and the one from last week is still lingering. They are starting to take a while to disappear now, but these three are almost gone. The corners of my mouth are also starting to heal, which might be b/c of the aquaphor I purchased. (yes, I'm still endorsing!)

I have also been a little moodier than usual, its kinda like constant PMS (for you female readers who can feel me). Don't get me wrong, I'm still happy most the time, but I feel kinda down and bitchy more often than usual. I feel kinda lazier too, like its all I can do to get out of bed before noon. Hopefully that'll change soon b/c school starts a week from today and I've got early classes.

Like I said, this week was pretty uneventful, so I'm ending it here.

Week 12 (Aug. 26, 2002)

I started this week thinking "my skin really should be completely clear by now!" Well now that the end of the week, I AM clear. Completely. Not one zit. No nosebleeds either.

My skin has been extra dry. Especially on the palms of my hands and my feet. Its not even really a big deal, its just not all that pretty! My lips are still wonderful, except for the junk at the corners (yes, its still there)

I also went this week to get bloodwork done. Derm appt. next week!

Week 13 ( Sept. 2, 2002 )

Nothing really to really to report this week, except good news. I've only had one new zit in a week and a half. And thats my fault for not washing my face a couple of times. When things start looking up, I start slackin'.

Same w/ on here! I know I've been terrible about keeping completely updated! School just started, and I just got a job, so I've had tons to deal w/, so please just bare w/ me!

My derm appt. isn't until wed. so you'll have to wait until next week to find out what happened!

Week 14 ( Sept. 9, 2002 )

Wow! I am finally updated on here!!!

I went to the derm last week, and she was so excited about how well my skin is looking. I can't believe it either! It's so smooth! Not a single, solitary blemish! For the first time ever I don't mind a bit when my boyfriend runs his hand across my face. This is the best medicine in the world. Anyone who is reading this, considering getting on it, if your as lucky as I am, you should RUN to your derm to get on this stuff ASAP. I'm really mad at myself for not getting on this stuff years ago!

The corners of my mouth still aren't in the best shape, neither are my hands and feet, or my boogery nose. I promise it isn't bad at all though. It in no way effects my day whatsoever.

I really can't rave enough about this product. I can't imagine how good my skin will look in the end. I promise to post a picture on here at the end to let you see how I turned out, and what I look like (you'll finally get a face to go along w/ this journal). But you boys must know before you start sending love letters that I'm taken. haha

Well take care, and I'll see ya'll next week, hopefully on time!