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All the Dirt
My History
I've had moderate breakouts, I guess you could say... I first started getting these great little gifts in 6th grade. They have never been horrible, but I definetly break out more frequently than the average person. My zits also leave little pink scars behind that seem to take forever to fade. I'm typically clear on my upper face (nose, forehead, and upper cheeks), its just the lower part of my face that won't clear up.

Now What??
Well now that I am 2 weeks away from being 20, I've decided that this crap has got to stop! So here I am!
I must admit, I'm a little nervous about all of this, but I've read about so many other success stories from this medicine, I have to at least give it a try.
So I did all the fun pre-accutane activities. For all of us lucky girls, we have to take the monthly pregnancy test along with less-than-fun bloodwork.
I must admit, those were the easiest tests I've ever passed.

Great Products:

Cetaphil- The VERY best product for washing and moisturizing. Its kinda expensive but well worth it. find it: Walmart or any drug store

Clinique's Soft Finish Makeup- Great for dry, flakey skin. Not the best coverage, but that what concealers for! find it: Department stores carrying Clinique

Blistex Complete Moisture- The best chapstick I've found so far. It works great, you just have to reapply frequently. find it: Walmart or any drug store.

Nioxin Shampoo & Conditioner- If your noticing major hair loss, this product does a great job! I'm not going to lie, its EXPENSIVE, its up to you on whether it is worth the money. find it: most salons, or visit: www.nioxin.com, and it'll help you locate a salon close to you that carries it.  Okay- this product has gotten the most questions out of anything on the website.  As for the shampoo and conditioner you choose, it is completely dependent on your hair type, like most other hair products.  You will have to choose the best product to compliment your hair type.  The entire line caters to hair loss so you should have no worries about getting the wrong product.

Vitamin E- EVERYONE should take this! I truly believe this is the reason my skin isn't horribly dry and I can still wear my contacts!

Email me: I would love for you to email me, but please don't bug me w/ questions that can be answered by reading my website, don't be lazy!!